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2020 Firefighter CalendarA-Shift E1 & E21A-Shift Engine 2A-Shift Engine 3A-Shift Engine 4A-Shift Engine 5A-Shift Engine 6A-Shift R-85, E-2 and D-2 Christmas DayA-Shift Roof OperationsA-Shift Training at BCFR Drill YardA-Shift Training at Melbourne Training CenterA-Shift Training at Melbourne with E-2A-Shift Training Breaching WallsA-Shift Training Butler E-2 and E-6A-Shift Training E-1 & E-5A-Shift Training Horizontal StandpipeA-Shift Training Port Malabar BlvdA-Shift Yearbook Pictures 2015Award CeremonyB-Shift E1 & E21B-Shift Engine 2B-Shift Engine 3B-Shift Engine 4B-Shift Engine 5B-Shift Engine 6B-Shift Lasagna Dinner With FDNY GuysB-Shift Training P.B.F.R. & M.F.D.B-Shift Yearbook Pictures 2015B.C.F.R. TrainingBail-out at the Training Tower A-ShiftBCFR Engine 22 C-shiftBrad's Last DayBrad's Retirement PartyC Shift St 1C-Shift E1 & E21C-Shift Engine 2C-Shift Engine 3C-Shift Engine 4C-Shift Engine 5C-Shift Engine 6C-Shift Horizontal Standpipe trainingC-Shift St 1 Driver TrainingC-Shift St1 Structure FireC-Shift Structure Fire 5/26/2015C-Shift Training at Melbourne Training CenterC-Shift Training Engine 6 and R89C-Shift Yearbook pictures 2015Captain Duy's Last DayCharlie, Sandy & DiegoChief Anthony GianantonioChief Chapel's Last DayChief Hoog's Swear In & Pinning CeremonyChief NailChief Stables & Chief Nail Passing of Command CeremonyClimb for Children HungerDanDietz FamilyDriver Training St 6 3/3/14Drop-In Training at Station 2 A-ShiftEastern University Fire AcademyEngine 5 & Tender 5 CeremonyFinal Pics for 2020 Firefighter CalendarFire AcademyFire Academy Day & Night Class FunFire Department Training NetworkFirefighter BabiesFirefighter New Hire TestFirefighter WheelerFirefightersFirefighters Training On Rescue JackFireHouse Subs Edraulics Grant for PBFRFirst FlightGigiHeadquarters / Chief'sHeadquarters Staff Yearbook Pictures 2015IAFF 2446 Benevolent Fund RaiserIan's Family Station 1 A-ShiftJ. Burgin ServiceJason & SammyJennyJoshJustinKen's PortraitsKevins Last Day with B.C.F.R.LindseyMalabar / Palm Bay Joint Extrication TrainingMalabar Fire Department & Dollar GeneralMalabar Fire Department A,B,C,D ShiftsMalabar Fire, Chief FoleyMelbourne Fire DepartmentMelbourne Police DepartmentMike Cogswells' HelmetMillwater Father and SonNew A-Shift St 1New Firefighter Training in MalabarNew Guys ExtricationNew Hire Test December 2016New Hire Training P.B.F.R.New Hires, Promotions and RetirementNinaOld St1 TrainingOrlando Fire Conference 2016P.B.F.R. & Malabar Fire Dept. Training A-ShiftP.B.F.R. & Red Cross Smoke DetectorsP.B.F.R. Promotion & Swearing in CeremonyPalm Bay Fire Rescue Training at Old Cement PlantPalm Bay Fire Technical Rescue TeamPalm Bay Professional Firefighters Calendar 2018PBFR Award CeremonyPBFR Ceremony AwardPBFR Female FirefightersPBFR PatchesPBFR Pinning CeremonyPBFR's 3rd Annual Award CeremonyPediatric Trauma TrainingProbi'sRichmond Father/SonRick & the Guy's at St. 1Rick's Last DayRicky BurginRobRobRoger Davis's Last DayS.W.A.T. Medic AnthonyS.W.A.T. Medic CompetitionS.W.A.T. Medic HallSandyShayne's Retirement PicturesShop with a Firefighter 2015St 1 B-ShiftSt 2 Shunks Last DaySt 3 A-Shift 3/3/14St 6 Tender TrainingSt1 A-ShiftState Farm Fire SafetyStation 6/ Engine 6Thanksgiving At Station 1 2015Titusville Professional FirefightersTraining A-Shift St 2Training at BCFR E-6 and R-89 B ShiftTraining C-Shift PBFR E2, E6 and BCFR R85, R89Training E-6 and R-89 Master StreamTruck 1Union Yearbook Pictures 2015Vehicle. Machinery. Extrication. Final Day of Class